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Disasters can happen. They often happen quickly and without warning, and they can be scary for you and your parents. For example, you may have to leave your home and you may not be able to go to school. You may not be able to sleep in your own bed and things may be confusing for awhile.

Herman the Hermit Crab can help. Herman is the spokescrab for a special website just for kids. The site teaches you how to be prepared for disasters and how you can prevent disaster damage. You can also learn what causes disasters, play games, read stories and become a Disaster Action Kid. Herman also has a great story about his search for a disaster-proof shell! Disasters aren't fun, but learning about them is!

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Owlie Skywarn

I'm the official mascot of the National Weather Service (NOAA) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). I teach about the hazards of severe weather which include tornadoes, lightning, hurricanes, flash floods and winter storms.

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