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There will always be emergencies and disasters. Mitigating them, preparing for them, responding to them, and recovering from them are primarily the responsibility of the Jefferson County Emergency Management Agency and local government.

Because every emergency occurs at the local level, local officials must be prepared to respond quickly and effectively, especially in the initial phase of a disaster before the state or federal governments provide supplemental assistance. It is, therefore, necessary that local government be able to execute operational plans effectively, mobilize available resources, and call upon response personnel trained to carry out assigned emergency responsibilities.

This website is dedicated to serving the citizens of Jefferson County, Alabama. Our mission is to make sure our citizens are prepared to respond and -- if necessary, quickly recover from an emergency or disaster. Old School New Body, Unlock Your Hip Flexors, Yoga Burn, The Diabetes Fix Review, Exipure Reviews, 28-Day Keto Challenge, Brain Training for Dogs Review, His Secret Obsession, review yoga burn, Exipure Review

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